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Christmas in India - Nepal [Patna - Rajgir - Bodhgaya - Varanasi - Kushinagar - Lumbini - Lucknow - Delhi - Agra]

  • Time: 9 days and 8 nights
  • on Date: 16/11; 22/12
  • Chuyến bay đi:
  • Price: 36.990.000 USD
  • Nin Date: 9 days and 8 nights
  • Chuyến bay về:

This program is designed specifically for those who want to Buddhist pilgrims by land trip will stretch over the sacred lands of both India and Nepal that all Buddhists longed to see cult once in a lifetime: Bodhgaya (Bodh Gaya) - where Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment after 49 days of meditation, Sarnath (Deer Park) in the ancient city of Varanasi - where more than 2,500 years ago Buddha declared first sermon to all living beings; Mahaparinirvana Temple (Mahaparinirvana) - where the Buddha attained Nirvana ...

Car and Saigontourist Saigontourist welcomes guests at the office (45 Le Thanh Ton, District 1), and Tan Son Nhat airport procedures for flight VN601 (08:50 to 10:20) to Bangkok. Bangkok airport, the delegation lunch at the airport. Then connecting flight procedures 9W71 (14:50 to 16:00) to Kolkata, India. Kolkata airport and mass transfer domestic flight 9W2682 (18:15 to 19:45) to Patna. Patna airport, India car and guide pick up to go to dinner. Check in 4 star hotels. Overnight at Patna.

DAY 2: Patna - Rajgir - Bodhgaya
Breakfast at the hotel. Depart for Rajgir (70 km from Patna the capital of the southwest). Visit Nalanda, the ancient Buddhist university in the world, where many of storing Business, Law, and also the important argument which has trained many up as saint: He Ma Ming, Xuanzang ... Visit Rajgir (Rajgriha) is the capital of Magadha (Magadha), one of the oldest in India by King Bimbisara (Bimbisara) because at the time of the Buddha in the world. Lunch. Afternoon, continue to visit the Peace Tower (Vishwa Shanti Stupa), this is a marble structure bearing golden images of the Buddha, was built by Nipponzan Myohoji sect of Japan. Griddhakuta Continue up the mountain, where the Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra, visit the cave where the Buddha spent the rainy season, and teaching meditation. Visit Venuvana Vihar monastery built by King Bimbisara for Lord Buddha to reside, garden Jivakameavan aka Mango Garden-her United's famous physician. Then depart for Bodhgaya. Dinner. Overnight at Bodhgaya.

DAY 3: Bodhgaya (Bodh Gaya - where the Buddha Qingdao) - Varanasi
Breakfast at the hotel. Check out. Departing Bodh Gaya (Bodhgaya) one of the sacred pilgrimage center of Buddhism. Here, the Buddha attained enlightenment after 49 days meditating under a bodhi tree. Along incense at the Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi tree and the Buddha; visit Sujata, home of the woman who donated food for the Buddha. Lunch. Continue to move to the city of Varanasi (Benares), a Hindu holy city on the banks of the Ganges River in Bang Utlar Pradesh (India), 256km from Bodhgaya. Dinner. Check in hotel. Overnight at Varanasi.

DAY 4: Varanasi (where the Buddha first teaching) - Kushinagar
Depart early morning boat ride, catch sunrise on the Ganges. Learn cremation ceremonies and the living legend of one of the existing religions in the world's oldest. Return to hotel for breakfast. Check out. Tours depart Deer Park (Sarnath), where the Buddha first gave a sermon after enlightenment about the year 530 BC. Lunch. Afternoon, visit the Buddhist Museum, which showcases the Buddhist figures with unique architecture. Then depart for Kushinagar. Check in hotel. Dinner and overnight at Kushinagar.

DAY 5: Kushinagar (where the Buddha passed away) - Lumbini (where the Buddha was born) (NEPAL)
Breakfast at the hotel. Check out. Depart to visit the tomb Rambhar - where cremated Buddha. Incense before the Buddha statues at the temple Nirvana Mahaparinirvana (Great Nirvana). Then depart for Lumbini (Nepal) - the birthplace of Lord Buddha (190km) and has been recognized as a world cultural heritage. Lunch and dinner program. Check in hotel. Overnight in Lumbini.

DAY 6: Lumbini - Sravasti - Lucknow
Breakfast at the hotel. Check out. Visiting the Maya Devi Temple, Queen Maya temple - Buddha's mother. Ho Puskarini - where Queen Maya made for ritual bathing of Buddha to the first born. Depart for Sravasti (Savatthi) 185km to Lumbini - the capital of the ancient kingdom of Kosala (Kosala), one of the most prosperous nation the Buddha. Lunch. Afternoon visit Sravasti Jetavana Vihara monastery, where the Buddha stayed for 24 years at Sravasti. Here, you visit the ancient tower, linden 2, Jeta Gardens (Jevatana) ... all because he Anathapindika - a wealthy benefactor of a contemporary of the Buddha built. Then depart to Lucknow. Dinner. Check in hotel. Overnight in Lucknow.

DAY 7: Lucknow - DELHI - AGRA
Breakfast at the hotel. Check out. Depart to the airport for flight 9W2121 (10:45 to 12:10) to Delhi. Delhi airport, car and guide to take you to lunch. Then depart for Agra. Check in hotel. Dinner and overnight in Agra.

Breakfast at the hotel. 02 Depart to visit the famous cultural heritage: The Taj Mahal (also known as The Castle Ai), this is a unique Islamic architecture was built by Emperor Shah Jahan for white marble 20 years to commemorate deceased wife. Visiting outside Agra Red Fort, built on the banks of Yamuna River, represents the pinnacle of Mughal architectural achievement of majestic beauty and architectural culture as the golden era of the Mughal dynasty greatness. Lunch. Depart back to Delhi. Dinner. Then to airport procedures for flight 9W20 (22:30 to 06:50) to leave Singapore. Eat and stay on the plane.

06:50 am, to Changi Airport, Singapore, the delegation breakfast at the airport and wait for the connecting flight VN650 (13:15 to 14:15) on the Ho Chi Minh City. Snack on the plane. Tan Son Nhat airport, Saigontourist car and put on points early. End of program.

PACKAGE PRICE (including taxes and charges full)

36.990.000 VN?/ khch/ phng ?i -  Khch ? phng ??n, tr? thm: 8.000.000VND / khch

(Gi tour c th? thay ??i vo th?i ?i?m ??t tour - p d?ng cho khch t? 12 tu?i ??n 69 tu?i)

* Child Tickets:
Children 2 to under 12 years old: 90% of adult price (Bed sharing with parents).
                                                100% of the price (has own bed).
Children 12 years and over 100% as adults.

* Tour price includes:
Roundtrip airfare - Airport taxes. Entry Visa to India, Nepal. 07 nights 4 star hotel (02 / Twin room).
Eating, drinking and sightseeing admission program - visit Vehicle program.
Saigontourist travel guide during the tour, and local guides - Gifts of Saigontourist & VAT.

* Price does not include:
The fee for a passport and visa to enter Vietnam for foreign nationals, Indian visa fee differences for foreign nationals (Hotel QT brought 850,000 U.S. plus copper / customers outside of the tour, QT Australia and Canada plus 430,000 VND / customers outside of the tour ...)
Beverages (beer, spirits ... at dinner), telephone, laundry, excess baggage by airline regulations.
Tipping for guide and driver-medicines, hospitals ... and other personal expenses of customers outside the program.

* In case of cancellation please pay the cancellation fee as follows:
Prior to 15 working days (Not including Saturday and Sunday): 10% of price paid.
Prior to 10 working days (Not including Saturday and Sunday): 30% of price paid.
Before going from 6 to 9 working days (Not including Saturday and Sunday): 50% of price paid.
Before going from 2 to 5 working days (Not including Saturday and Sunday): 75% of price paid.
Prior to 24 hours (not include Saturday & Sunday): 100% of price paid.

* Note:
Passport (Passport) to your time limit is 6 months from the date of signature and must have passport.
Please submit the original passport (valid 6 months from the date of the end of the journey) and 03 4 x 6 picture (white background behind) prior to 1 January.
You from 70 years of age please pay additional premium luxury (charges vary depending on the tour).
Guests 75 years and older require a certificate of full health to travel abroad and have doctor's relatives under 60 years old (full health) to follow.
The program may change depending on flight status, hotels in India and will be confirmed on the official team meeting, before going on 2-3 days. The sights can not order the program.
After you pay, if you want to cancel the tour, please bring ID card and pay your bills have come at Saigontourist office (45 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HCMC) procedure to cancel the tour. Company did not receive notice of cancellation by telephone customers.
Saigontourist not receive visitors from 5 months pregnant to participate in overseas tours.
In case of force majeure due to weather, natural disasters, strikes, riots, sabotage, war, disease, flight delayed or canceled due to weather or technical reasons resulting tour ..... can not continue to be made, Saigontourist tour will refund to you after deducting the cost of services performed as visa fees, ... and is not responsible for any additional compensation expense other.
In the case of only 01 passengers (adults) to go with 01 child (under 12), please pay tour for own bed.
For any reason of force majeure that not enough group to 10 guests depart, please move to another departure date or Saigontourist will refund 100% of the amount you paid for the company.

New Year's Eve in India - The Golden Triangle (DELHI-AGRA-JAIPUR)

Price: 32.990.000 USD

Khởi hành: 25/10; 29/11; 27/12

Time: 7 days 6 nights

Media: Bay to HK TG

Location: Saigon