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Contact Online Travel, Tour Vietnam [Cai Be - Can Tho - Chau Doc - Ha Tien - Phu Quoc]

  • Time: 6 days 5 nights
  • on Date: Thursday, 7 weekly
  • Chuyến bay đi:
  • Price: 6.450.000 USD
  • Nin Date: 6 days 5 nights
  • Chuyến bay về:

With tour visitors have the opportunity once again visits the sacred lands Chau Doc to Nui cultural relics Sam , to Ha Tien to hear about the Declaration of Mac Cuu Quoc Tran - who has explored the wilderness ancient town of Ha Tien become crowded today , with glorious victories of the rivulet Nguyen Trung Truc Nhat Tao . And just about 1:30 high speed boat , tourists have come to Phu Quoc - Vietnam 's largest island with beautiful beaches , including beach Why is considered the most beautiful Vietnam .

In addition, tourists can witness a new technology here: pearl culture technology - materials manufacturing various types of cosmetics to preserve the beauty of the female noble note , then stayed for a job tradition in the subjective sensation that you can have a little surprise misperception : fish sauce and learn more about the 200 year history of professional Phu Quoc fish sauce made ??from anchovies child how special ...

Day 01 : Ho Chi Minh City . HO CHI MINH CITY - CAI BE - CAN THO (Breakfast , lunch, dinner )
Welcoming visitors at Saigontourist office , with departure to My Tho highway Saigon - Trung Luong . Go to the town of Cai Be , boat tourists visit Cai Be floating market with hundreds of boats all designs from all walks converge for sale , visit the oven crumb , coconut candy dish with candy and hot steaming cup of jasmine tea the banks of the Mekong dreaming . Learn the process honey bee , honey tea to enjoy . Boats take visitors across the river continued to An Binh islet and stopped at the home of the old South - a hundred year old house , built in the style of French - Vietnamese . Visit plant nurseries nursery with technical features , the generic type of tropical fruit , traditional oven baked ceramic tiles . Ship to customers via Vinh Long , shuttle depart Can Tho . Can Tho , bus tour runs through the urban center of the city . Union hotel , check in and rest. Evening free to stroll Ninh Kieu Wharf , stay overnight in Can Tho .

Day 02 : Can Tho - Long Xuyen - Chau Doc (Breakfast , lunch, dinner )
Boat at Ninh Kieu Wharf , visit Cai Rang floating market ( one of the largest floating market Mekong Delta ) . Back to the hotel for breakfast and check out. Visit Binh Thuy ancient house . Depart for Chau Doc . Chau Doc to check in and rest. Visiting the famous Ba Chua Xu temple epiphany , ancient Xian , Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb - who openly An Giang open land . Continue to visit Hang pagoda , the temple legend associated with 2 large snake listener scriptures. Evening free at leisure travelers . Overnight in Chau Doc .

Day 03 : Chau Doc - Ha Tien (breakfast , lunch, dinner )
Have breakfast and check out. Departure to Ha Tien , on the way to visit Tra Su indigo forest , the group gathered at the ranger station to hear explanations and see the materials on mangrove forests , on the principle that crept through the canal and Lung Sen Forest Seed watching birds such as mallards Le Le , Co Ma ( she quit ) , condemned her , etc. Top 23 m high observation tower panoramic view Melaleuca forest and Maitreya Buddha , Cam Van Linh Pagoda on Mount glass telescope ( visibility 25 km and 40-fold magnification ) . Continue along the N2 Ha Tien Vinh Te canal running along , visitors will admire any of the predecessors in the early colonization of land Southern .. Ha Tien to check in and rest. Afternoon sightseeing Mac Cuu Tomb - line them publicly Ha Tien Town in the 18th century , visit Thach Dong , Mui Nai beach . Overnight in Ha Tien .

Day 04 : Ha Tien - Phu Quoc (Breakfast , lunch, dinner )
Travelers check , Ha Tien given port on a speedboat departing Phu Quoc . Pick up at the dock to hotel guests , visitors walk freely in Phu Quoc . Lunch and check-in . Afternoon tour to the northern islands : Bai Dai beach - a beach retained wild character . Visitors stop at every ancient Duong , Ba Dinh visit , Ong Lang beach , free beach relaxing in the fresh air . Back to the hotel . Evening free to stroll Dinh Cau night market . Overnight in Phu Quoc .

Day 05 : Phu Quoc TOUR (Breakfast , lunch, dinner )
After breakfast , a visit to the center of the Phu Quoc pearl farm . Continue to the ruins of Phu Quoc prison , Phu Quoc ridgeback Farms , Bai Sao beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc , with blue water color jade with smooth white sand . Afternoon visit Ham Ninh fishing village , Suoi Tranh , pepper garden - Phu Quoc fish sauce Facility - Landscape Dinh Cau , furnace processing Sim wine Phu Quoc . Return to the hotel to rest . Evening activities freely .

Day 06 : Phu Quoc - Ho Chi Minh City . HO CHI MINH CITY ( B, L )
Visitors are free swimming Phu Quoc , check . Bus travel Phu Quoc airport for flight to Ho Chi Minh City . End of tour . ( You self means from the airport to the house )

Note: The tour can be rearranged to fit and still guarantee the full contents of each program .

(p d?ng t? 30/5/2013 cho ngy th??ng, c th? thay ??i ty theo t?ng th?i ?i?m)















* Gi tour bao g?m: 
Chi ph xe my l?nh ph?c v? theo ch??ng trnh. 
Chi ph khch s?n theo tiu chu?n 2 khch/phng.
T?i C?n Th?, Chu ??c, H Tin : Tiu chu?n 2-3 sao
Chi ph ?n - u?ng theo ch??ng trnh. 
Chi ph tham quan 
H??ng d?n vin ti?ng Vi?t su?t tuy?n. 
Qu t?ng: Nn, ti xch, o m?a (Ty theo t?ng th?i ?i?m), n??c su?i, kh?n l?nh, vi?t

* Gi tour khng bao g?m: 
V my bay, tu cao t?c.
Chi ph ?n u?ng ngoi ch??ng trnh, gi?t ?i, ?i?n tho?i v cc chi ph c nhn khc.

INFORMATION GUIDE ( routes / trains / high speed train )

* Child Tickets :
Tour Tickets : Children 6 to 11 years old pay half the adult fare , children over 11 years old pay adult fares .
For children under 6 years old , her own family to eat and sleep to fees ( if any) . Two adults with one child only . From 2 or more children , each child had to buy 50 % of adult fare .
50 % standard fares include meals , seats and stay with family .
Take the tour by air in accordance with the applicable airline . Tour by train , high speed train in accordance with the carrier .

* Baggage and personal papers :
Travellers with ID card or passport . For overseas visitors are Vietnamese , international visa to enter Vietnam by leave , please bring the registration and visa tour .
An adult ( 70 years and older ) , disabled guests tour , must be accompanied and fully committed to ensuring the health tour participants .
Children under 14 years on tour must bring a birth certificate or passport . Children aged 14 years and older must carry separate ID card or passport .
All identification documents must carry the original
Travellers with lightweight luggage and luggage to self preservation , money , personal belongings during travel. Visitors free 20 kg baggage charges and consignment 7kg hand baggage
Vietnam hotel guests in the same room with international or overseas Vietnamese requires marriage license .
Guests at the airport 2 hours before departure time over .

* In case of refund / cancellation and change airfare / train fare / high-speed train :
Airfare / train fare / high-speed train was made ??immediately after the visitors pay . In case of refund / canceled or the ticket will change based on the regulations of each carrier at the time of listing .
When registration ticket , visitors provide name , date of birth ( yes every character written in passport or ID card ) , visitors please false statements under prescribed fee to change tickets of airlines .
For booking tickets in groups and in the holidays , promotional tickets stimulus , if cancel / move , will be fined 100 % of ticket ( train ticket / high speed train ) .

* In case of tour cancellation , visitors please pay the following amounts :
a) For normal days :
Visitors convert to day tour and press 7 days before departure date will not be charged a fee (not applicable to the IKO tour , tour KS 4-5 stars ) , will be delayed if cancellation pursuant to regulation under penalty and can only be transferred on a tour departure ( 1 ) time .
Cancellation of tickets within 24 hours or on the day of departure , be fined 90 % of tour .
Cancellation of tickets before departure from 2-4 days , under penalty of 50 % of tour .
Cancellation of tickets before departure from 5-7 days , under penalty of 30 % of tour .
Cancellation of tickets 7 days before departure , be fined 10 % of tour .
b ) For the holidays :
Visitors tour switch to day and notice 15 days before departure date will not be charged a fee (not applicable to the tour KS 4-5 stars ) , will be delayed if canceled pursuant to the provisions and penalties under the 1 day tour transfer departure times .
Cancellation of tickets within 24 hours or on the day of departure , be fined 100 % of tour .
Cancellation of tickets before departure from 2-7 days , under penalty of 80 % of tour .
Cancellation of tickets before departure from 8-15 days , under penalty of 50 % of tour .
Cancellation of tickets 15 days before departure , 20 % of tour cost penalties .
c ) After canceling the tour , please tourists to receive money within 15 days after the tour ends . We just paid the aforementioned time period .
d ) In case of tour cancellation due to the problems such as natural disasters , epidemics or by ship , train , plane delayed / canceled flights , Saigontourist will not be liable to indemnify any costs other than the completion pay the cost of the unused services of the tour .

* Other notes :
Company invoice for visitors wishing ( Within 7 days after the end of travel programs ) . Visitors are choosing one of the promotions for regular retail customers ( if any) .
Visitors are welcome in the points 15 minutes ago . Guests arriving late or when the vehicle has departed unannounced tour cancellation fees please be as ' cancellation on the day of departure ' .

Phu Quoc - Bai Sao [Save more than 2.5 million]

Price: 3.990.000 USD

Khởi hành: 22/10/2013

Time: 2 days 2 nights

Media: Aircraft

Location: Saigon

Welcoming the New Year in [Ha Noi - Ninh Binh - Bac Ninh - Halong - Sapa]

Price: 6.525.000 USD

Khởi hành: 26/12/2013

Time: 7 days 6 nights

Media: Travel by plane

Location: Saigon

Christmas & New Year in [Phu Quoc]

Price: 2.960.000 USD

Khởi hành: 24/12/2013

Time: 3 days 2 nights

Media: Aircraft

Location: Saigon

Travel savings and Vietjet Air [Phu Quoc - Baby Star]

Price: 5.240.000 USD

Khởi hành: 08/11/2013

Time: 3 days 2 nights

Media: aircraft

Location: Saigon

Senior Travel [Phu Quoc - La Veranda Resort]

Price: 7.270.000 USD

Khởi hành: At the request of visitors

Time: 3 days 2 nights

Media: aircraft

Location: Saigon

Tourism honeymoon [Phu Quoc - Long Beach - Beach Star]

Price: 1.051.000 USD

Khởi hành: At the request of visitors

Time: 3 days 2 nights

Media: Aircraft

Location: Saigon

Contact Online Travel, Tour Vietnam [Phu Quoc - Can Tho - Chau Doc - Ha Tien]

Price: 6.450.000 VND

Khởi hành: Weekly Tuesday

Time: 6 days 5 nights

Media: Travel by car, plane

Location: Saigon

Contact Online Travel, Tour Vietnam [Cai Be - Can Tho - Phu Quoc]

Price: 5.395.000 USD

Khởi hành: Thursday, 7 weekly

Time: 4 days 3 nights

Media: Travel by plane

Location: Saigon

Free & Easy Travel [Phu Quoc]

Price: 6.985.000 USD

Khởi hành: At the request of visitors

Time: 3 days 2 nights

Media: Travel by plane

Location: Saigon

Sea Island Tourism [Island Phu Quoc pearls]

Price: 2.885.000 USD

Khởi hành: Tuesday, 6, Sunday

Time: 3 days 2 nights

Media: Travel by plane

Location: Saigon

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