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Home News and Events Thousands of people attended the festival urban Salty Water

Thousands of people attended the festival urban Salty Water

Thousands of people attended the festival urban Salty Water Day 13/3, ie the 2nd February (lunar calendar), thousands of people from around the pagoda She has, in the An Hoa hamlet, Quang Phuoc, Phuoc Tuy (Binh Dinh), to the urban festival Salty Water (aka Mrs. Nuoc pagoda festivals). This is a lot of cultural activities and meaningful cultural identity of martial land - land of brown.


The operation of the urban festival takes place from Salty Water January 30 until February 3rd ( lunar calendar ) every year . The festival has restored many cultural activities characterized the busiest commercial ports and Salty Water plentifully than four centuries ago , as the procession spiritual ancestors of this land with all 4 subjects - agriculture - fishery sub- section the temple worship in 4 villages in the district to keep 4 east-west -south - north .

Identity is exploring new territory with the development and acculturation of ethnic groups live together in harmony , well described by the worship . Features of martial indispensable lands in the festival activities martial arts , singing opera and playing chess . In addition, people are excited to participate in cultural activities , sports folk khac.Chua She Nuoc where coastal residents Tuy Phuoc , Binh Dinh , Thien Hau Holy Mother Church .

Temple brought culture , religion , represents the harmony between different ethnic groups from many centuries ago has created market crowded harbor , sea charts listed on many of the countries in the world such as Spain , Portugal . From about 1610 , the port formed Salty Water market and flourished , trading activities , trading between merchant ports of many countries in this market is very dynamic . The population here is so good at boats , river and sea craft . Later , the same ethnic group has constructed the temple to worship Ba , pray for good weather , calm sea air alone .

Through variation of nature and history , urban Salty Water is now the fertile coastal plain . Port market is moving towards Quy Nhon city today . However, Phuoc Tuy region still many cultural imprints preserved many ancient values ??, creating its own identity in cultural life , spiritual inhabitants .


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