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Home News and Events Festival celebrates uprising in 1973 in Hai Ba Trung

Festival celebrates uprising in 1973 in Hai Ba Trung

The festival traditionally celebrates uprising in 1973 in Hai Ba Trung District , held on 17/3 (ie on 6/2 lunar calendar ) , in the temple , Hai Ba Trung , Dong Nhan ward , Hai Ba Trung District , Hanoi .

Numerous local people and pilgrims attending.


The festival starts with the traditional display by the Central Tuong Theatre perform , reproduce excavation will strengthen the two queens , waving high the banner of justice , defeated the invading Eastern Han , as well as the atmosphere of ethnic pride Vietnam in the struggle against foreign invaders , protect the borders .

After the opening of the ceremony is mittinh delegates , civil authorities Party , unions , workers and the people. The festival also devoted two hours to perform ritual incense Memorial Hai Ba Trung . Simultaneously with this time of cultural activities , arts , sports festivals serve as traditional martial arts performances , calligraphy , art performances .

The same day is the feast of the native population of the village and commune brothers Hai Ba Trung Temple : social Linh ( Linh district ) , social Hat Mon ( Phuc Tho District ) , Phung Cong commune ( Van Giang district ) ...

Earlier, on 16/3 , incense and cultural activities , cultural uprising anniversary year 1973 , Hai Ba Trung was held at shrines Hai Ba Trung , Bach Dang Ward , Hai Ba Trung district .

On 18/3 , 's Thanksgiving villagers and pilgrims .

As customary , in the reign of King Ly Anh Tong , two stone statues of two she went ashore on the beach in the Red River Tongren and a dream to the king . King to build a temple Hai Ba and practices , the villagers take on 6/2 lunar calendar every year ( on two stone statues of heaven ) to the festival . Then beach erosion , the villagers have to wait until the position it is today . / .


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